«Late Shift feels like the most important film of the year.»


«The world’s first fully realized 
choose-your-own-adventure film.»


In the theatrical version of Late Shift the audience takes decisions on behalf of the protagonist via their smartphones and based on majority votes while the film keeps running seamlessly. The participative cinema event offers a unique experience and can exclusively be attended in selected cinemas and at festivals.

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An interactive high stakes crime thriller

‘Late Shift’ has its hero, its plot, its high points and turning points. It has one beginning – but countless possible storylines and seven different endings.

Matt, a smart student, has to prove his innocence after being forced into the robbery of a famous London auction house. How will the audience decide to act when everything is turning against him? The audience takes decisions for the interactive thriller’s hero while the movie keeps on running seamlessly.

This time it’s different. This time you leave the theatre knowing that if you watched the movie again, you could see a different story. What if you’re dissatisfied with the consequences of the audience’s collective decisions? Then, in the form of the app, the protagonist’s fate is in your hands alone. It is up to you to discover countless variations of the same plot and make “better” decisions.

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Portrait of Joe Sowerbutts starring in the main role of Matt Joe Sowerbutts MATT
Portrait picture of Haruka Abe in the role of May-Ling Haruka Abe MAY-LING
Portrait of Richard Durden playing Samuel Parr Richard Durden SAMUEL PARR
Portrait of Lily Travers playing Élodie Lily Travers ÉLODIE
Portrait picture of Joel Basman in the role of Sebastien Joel Basman SÉBASTIEN
Portrait of Sol Heras in the role of Jeff Sol Heras JEFF
Portrait Photograph of Tom Phillips playing Simon Tom Phillips SIMON
Portrait of Johnny Sachon playing Lee Johnny Sachon LEE
Portrait of Daryl Kwan acting as Father Tchoi Daryl Kwan FATHER TCHOI
Portrait of Junix Inocian as Mr. Woe Junix Inocian MR. WOE
Portrait of Tai Yin Chan playing Tchoi Jr. Tai Yin Chan TCHOI JR.

Chantal Brown, Charlotte Comer, Claire Bond, Clive Willbond-Hill, Dave Wong, David Holt, Emma Connell, Jake Nong, Jane McDowell, Janet Walker, Laura Alligan, Laura June Hudson, Lorenzo Martelli, Mark Chiu, Mark Rush, Martin Alcock, Padraig Lynch, Robin McDonald, Timothy Man, Toby Rolt.

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  • Director of Photography — Alfie Biddle
  • Production Designer — Charlotte Pearson
  • Costume Designer — Giulia Scrimieri
  • Editor — Jann Anderegg
  • Composer — Cyril Boehler
  • Associate Producer — Demetri Jagger
  • Associate Producer — Caroline Feder
  • Associate Producer — Claudio Cea
  • Produced by Baptiste Planche and Kurban Kassam
  • Written by Tobias Weber and Michael Robert Johnson
  • Directed by Tobias Weber


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