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The ultimate combination between film and game.
1 story – countless storylines – 7 different endings.
180 decision points.
A total of more than 4 hours of film.


You take decisions for Matt by simply touching command buttons at decisive moments of the story. By touching objects such as keypads and computers in the movie, you can trigger additional decisions. Occasionally you can discover things in the movie by changing the camera perspective with swipe gestures. But basically you’re still watching a movie. So you’ll see real people and experience human emotions in a superior production-value movie shot entirely on original locations in London.

Movie still showing Elonie in the garage talking to Matt

The ‘Late Shift’ interactive movie app is free to download and includes the first chapter-style episode, enabling players to launch straight in to the action. For all budding storytellers wanting more, the remaining ‘Late Shift’ universe is available as a single download via In-App-Purchase (IAP). All or part of the story can be replayed again and again at any time, as the player discovers new twists and turns to keep them hooked.

‘Late Shift’ is available in English language only, with the option for English, French, German and Italian subtitles and command buttons.

A download manager allows you to either download the entire movie at once or separated in chapter-like episodes. You can of course also delete already watched episodes without losing your progress.

For more detailed information about the app and how it works, please visit the FAQ section.